Executive Chef Tom Fosnot has been working closely with locally grown produce for his entire career. In that time, he has created a wealth of recipes that  highlight and feature the produce that we grow here in the Nashoba Valley. Some of these recipes are used in the Grill from time to time, but many come straight from the Fosnot home kitchen. We provide these as a way to show off the amazing variety of produce that is grown at Gibbet Hill Farm, and how many different ways they can be prepared.

Fresh Tomato Sauce
People always think of tomatoes as a summer vegetable, actually a fruit, but they really shine in September. This is a simple recipe for tomato sauce. Its rustic, but it allows the sweetness of the tomatoes to shine.

Turnip-Apple Puree
A lot of people frown at the thought of turnips. Combined with apples and cooked slowly in milk they take on a certain sweetness that pairs well with fall proteins like turkey, duck and pork.

Three Bean Salad
A nice three bean salad makes a great picnic dish, side dish or even a light lunch. The trick with a three bean salad is to cook the beans properly and make sure they marinate for enough time to get flavor into the beans. Any mix of beans will do, but I think yellow, green and some other bean are the nicest combination.

Marinated Pok Choy
Pok Choy can be very versatile in terms of its uses. It has a mild cabbage flavor and can be eaten both cooked and raw. I prefer it lightly blanched to remove some of the cabbage flavor as well as brightening the color to a bright, deep green. This is a cold preparation that marinates the cooked bok choy and can be served cold or as a side dish for fish or grilled meats. It’s a nice complement to an end of the summer barbecue.

Cherry Tomato and Basil Vinaigrette
When people think about vinaigrettes they often think of a a dressing for salads. I often put vinaigrette on fish, poultry or grilled meats during the summer. Cherry tomatoes make a nice vinaigrette because of their natural sweetness and texture. This vinaigrette would be a nice garnish for fish such as striped bass or bluefish.


Featured Vegetable

Featured Vegetable

Peppers at Gibbet Hill Farm.

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