Beverage and Cocktail Program


The Bancroft Cocktail Menu is innovative, seasonally appropriate, and evolving, utilizing product such as Bancroft Barrel Select Privateer Rum, house made bitters and tinctures, and lesser known artisanal spirits. With an emphasis on house originals and classics prepared as they were meant to be, the beverage program is updated frequently, but retains the highest level of standards using the highest quality of spirits and utilizing proper technique. We strive to provide an experience where food, wine, and cocktails all intertwine to invoke a truly remarkable dining experience.


At The Bancroft we believe that wine should be considered a regular part of every meal, and that a wine list should not be pretentious or inaccessible to anyone. Subsequently our wines are all carefully chosen to provide both quality and an excellent pairing for Chef’s food. The wine list maintains its own set of core values, and all the wines fall into at least three of these categories to even be considered.

  • Incredibly quality
  • Small production or family owned
  • Innovative find
  • Structured perfectly for food
  • Surprising value
  • Special connection to our team

Every wine on our list has been tasted, and as we continue to rotate the wines with the season and vintage changes, any and all wines will be reviewed before being presented to our guests. In the meantime, we will continue to strive to find new wines that can’t be found in local restaurants in order to provide our guests with an interesting, innovative, food-based wine list that is worth coming back to explore.