Fall Classes for Gibbet Hill Farm Field School

We are pleased offer a series of half-day workshops on Gibbet Hill Farm for the fall. These interactive events will be led by our knowledgable team and include thoughtfully prepared fare from the farm.  Subjects for the fall will include cocktails, foraging, jams, canning, and wreath-making. Space is limited for these workshops to ensure a small instructor-to-student ratio.

Tickets for the fall workshops will be available the first week of August.  (Classes subject to change based on availability of our instructors.


Jams & Preserves


Cocktails, Syrups & Shrubs
Canning & Preserving


Dried Flowers & Wreaths

Please email amy.severino@gibbethill.com to be added to our mailing list and notified when tickets are available.

Farm to Fork Specials at Webber Restaurant Group

Our farm is yielding hundreds of pounds of produce for our chefs each week!  The chefs are getting creative, and guests are enjoying the delicious creations.

With our farm only a few steps away from the restaurant, Gibbet Hill Grill is changing their menu frequently this year to keep up with the demands of the harvests.

molly deliver

Each Thursday the Grill launches Farm-to-Fork specials available through Sunday (or until they sell out.)   This month we are swimming in tomatoes and eggplant.  Chef Tom and his team rise to the challenge, creating sumptuous dishes utilizing these abundant ingredients.  Here are only a couple of examples of their creativity:

Stuffed Quail with fried eggplant, mint vinaigrette!

Heirloom Tomato and Cucumer Salad with roasted eggplant goat cheese and pepper vinaigrette!


Head down to the south shore, and you’ll see Chef Stephen at Scarlet Oak Tavern use his weekly delivery in imaginative ways as well.

Here are fried Ipswich clams, tartar sauce paired with baby lettuces and sweet peppers from the farm!


Grilled eggplant and fennel salad with fresh ricotta, balsamic, and purple basil!


Chef Mario and his culinary cohorts at The Bancroft are inspired each week as well.  A field of shishito peppers are grown especially for The Bancroft (featured on some of our steaks), and when there are extra, the chefs feature them inventively in salad, side, and entree specials.

Fried shishito peppers with crystal sea salt and chimichurri (made with Gibbet Hill Farm herbs and garlic)!


Heirloom tomato salad with fried mozzarella and Gibbet Hill Farm greens.


Fireside Catering joins in on the farm-to-fork fun too.  Chef Ethan finds innovative ways to use Gibbet Hill produce on event menus each week.


mezze table

Fireside Catering also takes any excess of produce and herbs, canning and preserving them for use throughout the year!

As the seasons change, so do the harvests.  Stop by one of our restaurants, or book an event with our catering company, and ask what’s fresh today!




Gibbet Hill Far Partners with The Groton School

Gibbet Hill Farm is excited to announce a new farming partnership with Groton School. By partnering with Groton School, we will have use of a three-acre field that will allow us to grow crops that require larger acreage such as:

· Soup beans
· Beets, Fall
· Broccoli, Fall
· Brussels Sprouts
· Carrots, Fall
· Cauliflower, Fall
· Corn
· Melon (cantaloupe and watermelon)
· Winter squash (delicata, acorn, kubocha, spaghetti, pie pumpkin)

In the coming weeks, our farm manager and her apprentices will begin plowing the field. Before school lets out, we will welcome Groton School students to join us in our greenhouse as we begin seeding some of the crops.

image1 ghg

In the fall, the educational aspect our partnership with Groton School will kick into full gear. Students will have the opportunity to work in the fields, as we teach them hands-on, the various aspects of farming. We look forward to sharing our nutritional, farm-to-fork harvests with Groton School’s dining hall.

groton school blast 1

Guests of Gibbet Hill Grill, Scarlet Oak Tavern, and The Bancroft will also enjoy these benefits and our chefs at each of our restaurants incorporate all that our farm produces this growing season and beyond!